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The New Design Emergency Roadside Telephone For Dubai Highway Project

J&R Technology Ltd | Updated: May 19, 2017

Project Scope

The new ERT is a high-visibility emergency telephone, which may be configured to meet different installation requirements. It also offers a range of innovative features that greatly improve the clarity and functionality for both the user at the roadside, and for the operator monitoring calls in the Control Office.

Handsfree Emergency Roadside Telephone

JR102-SC-3G is a truly wireless help phone. Utilising solar power and GSM communications, no cable infrastructure is required to facilitate its use. ensuring users have both hands available for other purposes, or allowing communication if the user needs to be some distance from the phone.

Standard Features

  • Full Duplex Handsfree Speakerphone

  • High power amplifier and speaker

  •  Acoustic echo cancellation

  • Background noise reduction

  • Quad Band GSM (850/900/1800/1900MHz)


  • Over the air firmware updates

  • Vandal and water resistant call button and locks

  • Sequential number calling (on failure to connect)

  • Configuration using SMS commands

  • Feature control using operator telephone touchpad (DTMF)

  • Swivel and tilt solar head

  • Passively safe (collapses on vehicle impact)

  • Weather resistant

  • Corrosion resistant (all metal parts are stainless steel).

  • Vandal resistant body

  • Internal foundation anchor

  • Fast-fit base mount

  • Label/signage space available on all sides

Designed for Usability

Voice clarity is a critical requirement for any help phone but in especially for handsfree help phones. JR102-SC-3G implements advanced acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction technologies allowing clear communication in the noisiest environments.The JR102-SC-3G audio amplifier is capable of producing up to 15 watts of undistorted digital power which is delivered to an high efficiency full range speaker.

Designed for Reliability

JR102-SC-3G has been designed from the ground up with reliability in mind. Extensive use of wide temperature and over-rated components helps ensure it is always operational when needed. The electronics are housed in an enclosure that is dust proof and capable of preventing entry of strong jets of water. Of course, jets of water will never reach the electronics module as the body has also been designed to prevent entry of water. All connectors used on the electronics enclosure are at least IP66 rated on both the plug and socket side. The phone can be equipped with a wide range of backup batteries (from 2.3Ah to 20Ah) allowing reliable operation through the dark months of the year when little sunlight is available for charging.

Designed for Safety

The JR102-SC-3G body is manufactured using HDPE plastic which allows the strength to withstand abuse by vandals, stones from cars or hail, but also ensures the phone will not significantly damage a vehicle if a collision occurs. The phone incorporates an unique internal structure that ensures all parts of the phone will be pulled down and under a colliding vehicle rather than breaking apart and possibly impacting the vehicles windscreen.

Designed for Efficiency

To enable extended operation from batteries, JR102-SC-3G implements some of the most efficient technologies available.The audio amplifier is a Class-D type operating at nearly 88% efficiency when active and consuming almost no power when idle. Microprocessors used adjust how fast they are operating depending on their work load so power isn’t wasted when they aren’t busy.The battery charger monitors what is happening at the charging source as well as the battery. It modifies its charging behavior to best utilise the power available from the charging source. This is especially important when charging from solar panels as it ensures the panel is operating at its Maximum Power Point.

Designed for Peace of Mind

Integrated monitoring and diagnostics will alert you via SMS of abnormal phone conditions including: low battery, abnormal temperature, door tampering or solar panel removal, or if the phone is no longer standing vertical. Periodic self testing also checks the audio path (microphone and speaker). Ad-hoc self testing can be requested via SMS.