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Solar Powered 3G Emergency Roadside Telephone For Highway Installation

J&R Technology Ltd | Updated: Dec 09, 2017

ERT for Highway Project Installation

The Road Transport Authority, have installed J&R Roadside Telephones(ERT) for their highway project.

Because many road users depend on the highway & tunnels for their daily commutes, it was important for the Road Transport Authority to find an ERT solution which would continue to work in difficult environmental conditions and bring quick assistance in case of emergency or car breakdowns.

Following extensive research and testing of available products on the market,the Road Transport Authority selected the J&R Emergency Roadside Telephone.

The Solution

The J&R ERT offers many useful Emergency Roadside Phone (ERT) features, including:

- Rugged performance in difficult environments

- Functional, High Visibility Scandinavian design

- Comprehensive GSM diagnostics,

- Self Monitoring and Fault Check functions

- Noise Reduction feature, ideal for highway

- Vandal resistant metal body,handsfree operation(optional for handset and cord)

- Rapid installation and replacement function

The Result

The J&R Emergency Roadside Telephones have so far been in successful continuous operation for over five years, without problems.

The customer comments “The J&R Emergency Roadside Telephones have proven themselves in terms of quality and reliability. We are very happy with the rugged performance,useful GSM(3G) features and ease of maintenance."


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