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J&R Vandal Resistant Emergency Hotline Telephone Was Installed In Gym And Swimming Pool In The Philippines

J&R Technology Ltd | Updated: Jan 14, 2019

J&R Vandal Resistant Emergency Hotline Telephone Was Installed In Gym and Swimming Pool in the Philippines

J&R Vandal Resistant Emergency Hotline Telephone Was Installed In Gym and Swimming Pool in the Philippines.


This hotline telephone can be a emergency telephone ,if there is a emergency and as soon as some one pick the phone it should dial automatically a number (for example 999 or 911) then the other party will provide help at the first time.


This Handset Telephone is designed to meet the needs of client who experience loss through vandalism. Housed in robust steel box and manufactured to a high standard, it is offer increased resistance to vandalism, and ensure that the primary function of communications is maintained at all times, resulting in a highly reliable product with a long MTBF.


Ideal for Railway applications, Marine applications, Tunnels. Underground Mining, Firefighter, Industrial, Prisons, Jail, Parking lots, Hospitals, Guard Stations, Police stations, Bank halls, ATM machines, Stadiums, inside and outside building etc. 


If you have any project need this industrial emergency telephone,J&R warmly welcome your inquiry, especially OEM cooperation. We will do our best to comply with your requirement with our utmost efforts.