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J&R Emergency Hands-free Telephone Was Installed In An Industrial Elevator In Panama.

J&R Technology Ltd | Updated: Jan 26, 2019

J&R Emergency Hands-free Telephone Was Installed In an Industrial Elevator In Panama.


This telephone models are customized for a special industrial elevator project as an internal communication for platform operators and control rooms. In an emergency, the user can press the speed dial button to call directly to control center ask for help. The customer also requested that the whole telephone system work without any PBX or Server connection and the volume also need to up to 95dB due to the big background noise.


The highlights of the Point to Point communication system:

- No need any PBX or Server connection

- Call & Ringing volume can up to 90-95dB

- 12V/24V DC Single or Multiple power wiring for option

- The maximum distance between each extension is about 2-7 KM


In addition to this, we can also provide a point to multi-point solution or special R&D work to meet your demand if there are same or similar projects need further assistance.


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