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Emergency VoIP Telephone For Tunnel Project Application

J&R Technology Ltd | Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Safe, reliable and cost effective SIP based communication solutions for industries and institutions around the world.

Maintaining safe, functional and reliable communications at industrial sites has always been a challenge. Everyday factors such as weather, water and dust create problems in their own right. These problems increase significantly in the presence of corrosive products and explosive atmospheres.

Meeting those challenges, J&R has been designing, manufacturing and delivering a diverse range of rigorous communication solutions for over a quarter century to clients in more than 50 countries around the world.

VoIP technology is reshaping the world of communications including the industrial Communications setor by introducing new features along with lower costs that are related to cabling & installation.

J&R is embracing VoIP, coming our in-depth knowledge and experience providing industry leading hazardous location & industrial based solution with the stengths that VoIP has to offer.

Knowing that every client has different needs is one of the reasons that J&R offers you more choice. We want to make sure that we do our part in making your industrial communication infrastructure safe, functional and reliable.

Emergency tunnel Telephone.png