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Crews Install Emergency Call Boxes On Cy-Fair ISD Campuses

J&R Technology Ltd | Updated: Feb 05, 2018

There’s now an extra layer of security on many Cy-Fair ISD campuses.

“We call them emergency call boxes,” said associate superintendent Roy Sprague.

They’re more common on college campuses and elsewhere. But crews are spending the summer installing 50 of them throughout the local district.

Dispatchers will be able to hear and see anyone in need of assistance.

“They can contact EMS, the fire department,and/or our own police department to come in and respond to the situation,” Sprague said, “There’s actually a video connection on there so dispatchers can actually see the person making the call.”

The self-contained call boxes are partially powered by solar energy and use a cell signal. They cost about $12,000 each.

But parents and educators say they’re potentially priceless.

“For high school, I think it’s a fabulous idea,” one parent said.

“You know, schools are like a safe haven for the community,” said Cy-Fair High assistant principal Stephanie Lyle. “That’s my take.”

The call boxes are going up in the front of some schools and in areas where people gather, like auditoriums and athletic fields.

“We certainly want to do as much as we can for the safety of our patrons and students and staff,” Sprague said.

Technology also allows video to be synced with other security cameras around campuses.

Cy-Fair ISD says the call boxes were part of a bond approved back in 2014.